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These shocking images show how easy it is for prisoners to take photographs of themselves inside jail and share them child porn children with friends, boasting about the luxuries they enjoy inside – even though mobile phones are supposed to be strictly banned mature sex porno hard inside prison.Dozens of photos uploaded to Facebook show prisoners boasting of a cushy prison lifestyle with access to TVs, gaming children porn video consoles and gyms, while eating food that includes curries, kebabs, birthday cakes and crisps.Despite being imprisoned for heinous crimes that child porno include murder, robbery and arson, inmates are able to easily smuggle in smartphones and thumb their noses at authorities as they post updates and photos of themselves from the comfort of their jail cells.One example is Sonny Barker, 20. Barker was jailed for eight years after he held a mother and daughter at knifepoint during a burglary. But last year the serial offender managed to smuggle a phone into his cell at HMP Rochester in Kent to show off his cushy surroundings.In pictures posted on Facebook, he posed with cellmate Korrel Kennedy – a former Jean Paul Gaultier model jailed for chasing a man with a knife and threatening hospital staff.The images show the two of them posing in their underpants, flexing their muscles and joking with each other in front of a TV, Playstation 2 and mini-fridge.
Left, prisoners Korrel Kennedy and Sonny Barker are pictured together in a jail shower block. Right, Sonny Barker shows off his muscles in a picture taken inside his prison cell
Sonny Barker and his prison pal Korrel Kennedy (pictured together right) clowning around in their underpants in prison. Left, Barker and two others pose together – pointing at their muscles
 Further images of Sonny Barker show him again flexing his muscles and posing for photos alongside other prisonersFour days ago it emerged brutal murderer Jamie Bain sent smirking selfies from his prison cell to several women just weeks after marrying his childhood sweetheart.Bain, 30, was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years after he gunned down former boxing champion Alex McKinnon at the Marmion pub in Edinburgh in 2006.The killer sent pictures of himself next to a rack of expensive trainers while enjoying home comforts like television and a music system inside his cell at Shotts prison in Lanarkshire.Bain was sent to jail for bursting into the Edinburgh pub and producing a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun concealed down his trouser leg.He was wearing an ice hockey mask when he shot Mr McKinnons brother-in-law James Hendry before firing at the 32-year-old former boxer as he turned to flee.
Bain married his long-term fiancee in prison in July but has continued to send photographs – where he poses beside expensive trainers, a television and a music system – to a string of different womenIn 2010, arsonist Brendan Rawsthorn used a smuggled mobile phone to post updates on Facebook boasting of a life playing computer games, drinking homebrew and enjoying sleep-ins.On the page he described himself as a ‘down to earth jail bird’ who is ‘doing time for the Queen! Making Money!’.The HMP Wolds prisoner, who was jailed in 2006 for starting a fire at a Lancashire builders merchants that caused £200,000 damage, was subjected to a police investigation after the pictures surfaced.Rawsthorn is serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection on November 24, 2006 for offences of arson, criminal damage and assault.
Left, arsonist Brendan Rawsthorn pictured himself relaxing in prison in 2010. Centre, Kane Barratt is photographed with two others at Lancaster Prison in 2009. Barratt was part of a gang that went on a crime spree, committing sixteen serious crimes in six weeks. Right, a picture of convicted murderer Zac Malavin, who is serving time in prison for the murder of Andrew CurranIt was in 2009 that Kane Barratt, then aged 20, posted shots of himself with fellow prisoners from inside Lancaster Prison. The photos, which surfaced on Facebook, showed him posing alongside two other people, all of whom were shirtless.It sparked outrage from his victim Paul Dillon, who said he was absolutely appalled that security was so poor that Barratt was able to use a phone.Mr Dillon was watching TV at home with his wife when Barrat and three others burst in wielding machetes and held a knife to his throat as they stole his car. He was jailed for a minimum of five-and-a-half years.Murderer Jamal Dyce was jailed for life in 2008 for the stabbing of Philip Armstrong. But late last year he posted photos on Facebook of himself larking around in HMP Gartree, in Leicester.In the posts, he boasted of drinking alcohol, how he bulks up in the gym and watches football matches behind bars.Dyce was jailed for a minimum of 12 years in 2008 for stabbing to death labourer Philip Armstrong in a fight over a mobile phone.In one photo, the killer can be seen being lifted up by a man he calls Dog. And in a string of Facebook posts – all posted via mobile phone – Dyce boasts about watching Champions League football and Match of the Day on TV, tucking into a beef curry and going to the gym.
Jamal Dyce, pictured in posts he uploaded to the internet from prison, is serving time for stabbing a man to death
Pictures of Jamal Dyce show him larking around with others at HMP Gartree, Leicester. In posts on Facebook, he boasts of eating curry and watching Champions League football and Match of the DayLiam Whitnell is serving a life sentence for stabbing a 24-year-old man in front of his family.But in photos posted on Facebook earlier this year, the killer showcases a life of luxury that includes him being served a birthday cake, chatting on his phone and a kebab and soft drink.The killer is also pictured speaking on the phone in a cell that boasts a stereo, a games console and cupboard full of DVDs.As well as sharing photos of himself, he posted a picture of the birthday cake and a kebab and soft drink he supposedly had delivered to celebrate his 31st birthday at Wandsworth Prison.Whitnell, of Stepney, east London, was jailed for a minimum of 24 years in 2013. Along with three other accomplices he had attacked Kowshar Hussain with knives and a wheel brace in 2011 – in what a judge described as the killing of a ‘totally innocent family man’.
Liam Whitnell posted these images online despite serving a life sentence. As well as a pic of himself (centre), he also photographed a brithday cake (left) and kebab and soft drink (right)
Inmates at Wandsworth Prison are also pictured flouting rules forbidding mobile phones in jailThief Adam Ghali posted an astonishing review of Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight in a series of Facebook posts in 2009.He claimed he was on a holiday for the Queen Majesty and it was a five star resort with ensuite facilities – but wifi coverage leaves a lot to be desired.Photos accompanying the posts showed Ghali posing shirtless with pictures of scantily clad women covering the wall behind him. Ghali was serving an 18 month prison sentence at the time after he burst into a newsagent and threatened staff before escaping with hundreds of pounds in cash.And notorious British gangster Domenyk Noonan made a mockery of prison rules in 2009 when a photo surfaced of him nonchalantly grinning from the confines of his high security prison cell.Prison officials reportedly launched an investigation after it was revealed he was updating his Facebook page from the cell. Noonan, who has since changed his name by deed poll, was serving a a nine year sentence for gun possession at Frankland Prison in County Durham.
Adam Ghali, pictured in his Frankland Prison cell in 2009. He joked that the prison was like a five star hotel with ensuite facilities
A photo of British gangster Domenyk Noonan during his time in Frankland Prison, grinning happily as he poses for the cameraKiller Dale Done posted half naked selfies from behind bars. Like many others before him, he boasted of his easy life drinking, taking drugs and playing computer games.Done was jailed for eight years in 2009 when he admitted to causing the death of his best friend Daniel Harding, 17, after he crashed a stolen car in Liverpool.After three years he was released on parole, but breached his licence conditions and was jailed again.
Dale Done, who admitted causing the death of his best friend Daniel Harding, posted these images and boasted of the easy life in prisonIn 2012 a shocking set of photos emerged showing teenage murderer Liam Ryan in a jail cell packed with rows of toiletries and snack food.Ryan, 21, was serving a life sentence at a young Offenders institute in Brinsford for the murder of Birmingham shopkeeper Suppiah Tharmaseelan, a father-of-four.But in a series of photographs – illicitly taken because inmates are not allowed mobile phones, computers or cameras in their cells – Ryan is seen making gangster salutes and showing off his possessions.One image shows row after row of toiletries such as shampoo and body soaps – stacked neatly next to a TV and Playstation 2. Another image shows a table full of junk food. He is also photographed posing for the camera.
Liam Ryan pictured in photos taken inside a young offenders institute in Brinsford, where he pulls signs and points at the camera
Also uploaded to his Facebook page was a photo of rows and rows of toiletries (left), and a table full of food and snacks (right)There is also mobile phone footage purportedly taken of footballer Lee Hughes whilst in Featherstone Prison in 2005.Hughes, who spent three years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving, can be seen smiling at the camera, dancing to music and continually sticking his fingers up to the camera to the enjoyment of fellow inmates.And two years ago prisoner Luke Anderson managed to get hold of a mobile phone and posted a slew of tweets about his holiday behind bars.He contacted friends, telling them: Im on twitter facebook watsapp and bbm [talk] to me #jails easy.Despite vowing never to return to jail again once he was released, Anderson described his life as being on Costa del Haverigg.His friend who asked him: How are you on Twitter in jail before adding: I’m going to write a letter of complaint to HMP Haverigg for this, it’s terrible!.When approached for comment regarding the rules of mobile phone use in prisons, a Prison Service spokesperson said: We have made clear that it is totally unacceptable for prisoners to access social networking sites or instruct others to do so on their behalf.Prisoners should not be in any doubt – if they break the rules they will be stripped of their privileges and could face further disciplinary action.
A series of images purported to be of footballer Lee Hughes in Featherstone Prison show him laughing and smiling. Hughes spent three years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving
Prisoner Luke Anderson (pictured left) boasted on Twitter (right) of time in jail being like Costa del Haverigg – a reference to the prison HMP Haverigg  

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It sounds like theyre not lovin it as much as they used to.  The worlds biggest fast food chain has unveiled adult porn video a new slogan in an attempt to stop its sales from sinking.Lovin Beats Hatin will be launched next year, and is a campaign aimed to spread happiness in the face of Internet hate.Scroll down for video 
According to reports. McDonalds new slogan Lovin Beats Hatin, will be launched next year at the Super BowlAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the roll-out will include a spot during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1. The marketing ploy comes at a time when worldwide sales dropped by 30 per cent in the third quarter of last year.The current catchphrase Im Lovin It will still remain as a global slogan.An inside source said the change is aimed to spread happiness in the face of Internet hate, but the WSJ did not elaborate on what that precisely means.Officially, the company is staying mum about the possibility.Were always working with our partners on great new creative, said a spokesperson. Its highly speculative and premature to talk about Super Bowl ads and future campaigns for next year.The reported change will come during a tough time for the worlds largest hamburger chain.After posting yet another disappointing quarter, McDonalds CEO Don Thompson admitted last week that the company hasnt been keeping up with the times and that changes are in store for its U.S. restaurants.McDonald’s Preps New Ad Push & Trip To Super Bowl -Sources – CMO Today – WSJ

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A man has made his adorable pet cat the star of a series of surreal images. Jesus Segura, 38, a former trans sex video cameraman, used a mix of sets, green screen and photoshop to imagine the tiny kitten in unusual scenes.These range from sipping a beer at the bar to escaping the clutches of a giant squid.After watching the amusing moggys face as escort girl it explored new areas and objects of his flat, Jesus soon noticed his ability to seemingly express a wide range of emotions.
Drowning his sorrows: Napoleon the Persian cat looks mournful as he gazes at a photo of a pretty kitten
Here escaping the clutches of a giant squid, Napoleon the cat is captured in a variety of bizarre locations in the photos 
The dramatic  squid scene was in fact created rather simply against a mini green screen But the American Persian cat is more to the Spaniard than a fun photography project: hes helped him keep busy and stay positive after being made redundant from his job at a Spanish TV network.
Me and my mews! Little Miss Masterpiece finds inspiration: Autistic artist becomes inseparable from…
Not purr-fect but still very cute! Abandoned six-toed litter of kittens have now ALL found new homes
Jesus is now on a mission to get the fluffy kittens face seen all around the world after creating calenders and postcards of Napoleon on crowd funding site, Indiegogo.Jesus said: When I first got Napoleon he was only a two months, everything was new for him, every daily detail was a discovery.
Jesus says little Napoleon has helped him keep busy and stay positive after being made redundant from his job at a Spanish TV network
The former cameraman sometimes uses sets, such as this nest of wool, for the cute pictures
Jesus now hopes Napoleon will find worldwide fame through calenders and postcards
Jesus says the kittens natural expressions lend themselves to a variety of odd scenarios Watching him I thought, what if he could experience fantastic or absurd situations, so that was my starting point.Since the beginning he always had very expressive reactions, when hes tired he almost looks angry and when hes relaxed his eyebrows make him look sad.The images are half real and half digital, at first I draw a basic sketch of the image I want to create and then I make a list of real things I need for the set.
Some of the photos see Napoleon re-enact famous film scenes such as the shower scene from Psycho
Little Napoleon looks set to be the next feline hit as Jesus hopes to raise money on crowd funding site, IndiegogoI worked as a cameraman for 12 years, but a year and a half ago, the TV network I was working for fired 900 workers.I felt desperate and unfortunately found myself with too much free time so I began taking pictures of Napoleon as a way of filling my free time.Napoleon is so curious, thats why I never let him on each set until I am ready to take the photos, his first reactions on set are the most amusing.Everybody loves the pictures and they always ask me if Napoleons expressions are real but believe me, all his gestures are completely real. 

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David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, said Miliband needed to highlight to voters that he was heading up a teamDavid Blunkett vip eskort suggested last night that Labour should underplay the fact that Ed Miliband is their leader during the election.As doubts grow escort bayan over Mr Miliband’s stewardship of the party, the former Home Secretary said he needed to highlight to voters that he escort was heading up a team – and not to concentrate campaigning on him alone.‘The offer is a Labour government, not bayan escort a Labour presidency,’ he said.And he suggested that Mr Miliband was not exciting, saying that former leader John Smith had once told him: ‘If you want excitement, go to the races.’The suggestion that Labour should campaign for victory without drawing attention to their leader will not be seen as helpful to the beleagured Mr Miliband.Concern about his performance has dramatically deepened after Ukip finished a close second – just 617 votes from victory – in Thursday’s by-election in the Labour heartland of Heywood and Middleton.As doubts grow over his leadership, Ed Miliband will address a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party this afternoon.One MP said: ‘He will face some tough questions. But there is such disillusionment in the party that many people might just not turn up.’Yesterday Harriet Harman was forced to deny that Mr Miliband will be ditched for a more popular leader before the election.She said in a TV interview that there would ‘absolutely not’ be a change of leader – and claimed there was no ‘wobble in the ranks’ of the Labour party over his future.
More will leave defunct Tories says Ukips MP: Douglas Carswell says party is out of date like…
We must win border battle, says Boris: Swipe at PM as mayor labels migrant policy a deception if…
Theresa May orders police: Stop abusing our terror laws to hack phones and spy on journalists 
Of course there are racists in UKIP, says Labours Chuka Umunna just as his party tries to win…
Wed prop up Tories, says Farage
Former Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay became the first party figure to openly call for Mr Miliband to go – saying the beleaguered leader was a ‘complete disaster’ and should quit to ‘make way for an election winner’.Mr MacKinlay was the MP for the seat of Thurrock in Essex – which was a top target for Labour at the next election, but which Ukip are now predicted to win amid deep concerns about immigration.The senior ex-MP said the party’s performance in the Heywood by-election was not that of a ‘government in waiting’ and described Mr Miliband’s leadership as ‘a complete disaster’.
As doubts grow over his leadership, Ed Miliband will address a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party this afternoonBut Alan Johnson, the charismatic former postman who was home secretary under Gordon Brown, dashed the hopes of Labour MPs who want to see him return as leader by ruling it out.Mr Johnson said he ‘hated’ being on the front bench in opposition – serving briefly as shadow chancellor – and said he had made it ‘perfectly clear’ to Mr Miliband that ‘I left and I’m not coming back.’In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Blunkett said he was determined to do no harm to the Labour leadership.‘I am doing and saying nothing that in any way would damage the chances of electing a Labour government,’ he said.But, in comments which were seen as admitting there is an Ed problem, he said: ‘There is no point in Ed Miliband being something he is not.
New UKIP MP Douglas Carswell claims a Labour MP could be next to defect‘I think he needs to build on two strengths: one is the idea of having a conversation with people rather than performing in front of them in a kind of parade; and secondly building a team, as he has been doing, so this is a team approach.‘Of course, led by him. But actually the offer is a Labour government, not a Labour presidency.’He added: ‘It is perfectly feasible for someone to have a different style of leadership and be able to deliver.‘If people want something that is just a performance, then they will be taken in by Nigel Farage. John Smith once said to me, ‘If you want excitement, go to the races.’Ukip’s best ever result in a Labour-held seat, on the day they won their first MP from the Tories in Clacton, has triggered criticism that Labour has failed to confront voters’ concerns about immigration.It follows a lacklustre performance by Mr Miliband in the Scottish referendum campaign, which had to be salvaged by Gordon Brown, and a widely panned party conference speech.Miss Harman yesterday insisted: ‘There is not a wobble in the ranks and nor should there be.‘I think what is absolutely evident is that the anger and concern there is amongst people when they’re being told that a recovery has arrived and yet they’ re not getting better off and feeling disconnected from politics.‘That is being picked up on by Ukip.‘But actually Ukip, although they’re tapping into that sense of despair, they don’t provide the answers.‘It provides a very big responsibility on us as the Labour party when people see the economy not delivering for them, they’re worried about the health service, it is our responsibility to listen to those concerns and work together to make sure that we get rid of this government and address those concerns.’Another current MP Graham Stringer said the party could not stand up to the ‘street fighting’ skills of Nigel Farage and should never have come so close to losing a safe seat.Mr Miliband penned an article for a Sunday newspaper setting out how he would deal with immigration, and saying people’s concerns needed to be addressed.He reiterated his party’s two policies on the issue– to somehow better control who is coming in and out of Britain’s borders and to enforce the minimum wage so firms cannot undercut British workers by hiring deeper foreign Labour.
Yesterday Harriet Harman was forced to deny that Mr Miliband will be ditched for a more popular leader before the electionMiss Harman said Mr Miliband’s article on immigration yesterday was ‘about a new approach which is saying ‘we do want to talk about immigration, we do have these policies, and that these will actually solve the problems’ not just set out a number like the Tories did’, referring to the target to reduce net migration to tens of thousands which the coalition has failed to meet.But he faces another potential crisis in the coming months as Tories signalled they are determined to force a Commons vote on the issue of English votes for English laws.Mr Miliband has so far refused to accept David Cameron’s suggestion for a divide, which would mean Labour’s 41 MPs North of the Border would not be able to vote on English-only issues.But he faced criticism of this from former Labour home secretary Charles Clarke who said he could no longer avoid the issue, and must come up with proposals ‘very quickly’.He claimed Mr Miliband’s stance on the issue – promising to hold a constitutional convention in a years’ time was ‘hopeless’ and ‘foolish’ and suggested Labour did not care about England.Miss Harman denied the Labour party was like a ‘latte-sipping Liberal north London intelligentsia’ as put forward by one unnamed Labour MP.She told The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 (keep) ‘That is not the reality, that is not the Labour party. There are people like myself from professional middle-class backgrounds representing a seat in London. But there are people representing the north east, labour MPs from the north west, west midlands, from Wales and Scotland.‘Actually, we have people in the Labour party from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds and from different parts of the country. And it’s working together, that broad-based team that listens and understands all parts of the country. That is how we’re going to make the way forward under Ed Miliband’s leadership.’ 

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Over 100,000 people have signed a petition to prevent convicted rapist Ched Evans from returning to play for his former porn club Sheffield United.The former Wales international was jailed for five-years in 2012 after being convicted of raping a 19-year-old woman escort at a hotel near Rhyl, Denbighshire – but is now preparing to be released from prison within days.Professional Footballers Association escort bayan chief Gordon Taylor had stated that the 25-year-old should be allowed to return to the game, saying: I didnt know child porno there was a law that said once you come out of prison you still cant do anything. 
Ched Evans was found guilty of rape in 2012 and is currently serving a five-year prison sentence 
Gordon Taylor  believes Evans should be allowed to play professional football again FROM PRISON TO THE PITCH Tony Adams – Was miles over the drink-drive limit when he crashed his car into a wall in 1990 and spent 57 days in prison. After release, captained Arsenal and England with distinction.Lee Hughes – Served three years for causing death by dangerous driving in 2003. Played for Oldham and Port Vale among others following his release.Joey Barton – Was imprisoned for 77 days in 2008 after being convicted of assault outside a McDonalds. Now playing for QPR.Duncan Ferguson – Jailed in 1994 for headbutting an opponent on the pitch, he went on to become an Everton hero.Jermaine Pennant – Another drink-driving conviction, the winger spent 30 days in prison then became the first Premier League player to take to the field wearing an electronic tag. However, 101,917 people have disagreed by signing the petition – while a counter petition by fans wishing to see Evans back at the League One club has attracted less than 5,000 names.Jean Hatchet, who started a charge.org petition, told the Daily Mirror: Im sure he and his supporters are hoping he can quietly slip back into the position of privilege he held before.Unfortunately, he still hasnt acknowledged he is a rapist as determined by a judge and jury. He will be returning, if Sheffield Utd re-sign him, to a position where he has huge influence over young fans.They must not be given the message that rape is a trivial crime. Young boys and men have to be absolutely sure that the importance of gaining a womans consent to sex is essential or the act is rape.Evans arrived at the Blades for £3million in 2009, but was released along with 10 other players shortly after his conviction  The South Yorkshire club has refused to comment on a possible return for Evans, who was capped 13 times for Wales before his conviction.
Evans (centre) played for Sheffield United before being sent to jail
Evans has won 13 caps for Wales but has not played professionally since his conviction
Rapist and former footballer Ched Evans could be set for return to Sheffield United
Martin Samuel: Stumbling through a moral minefield… football condemns the comedian but applauds…
Chris Coleman will talk to convicted rapist Ched Evans about possible Wales return 
Sheffield United urged not to re-sign Ched Evans as petition hits 60,000 signatures
Read more:
BBC Sport – Ched Evans: PFA chief Gordon Taylor backs players return
Ched Evans petition reaches 100,000 signatures demanding he NOT be given his Sheffield Utd job back – Mirror Online

porno bbc we uk  by chewy

Children are notoriously fussy eaters. So one airline is calling in the experts to help design its new menu for porno youngsters – the kids themselves.Monarch Airlines enlisted the advice of children from across the UK to taste-test a range of porno meals specially created from British kids’ favourite dishes.The panel marked the dishes on taste, smell and presentation and gave each dish an overall score, providing detailed comments on each one. 
Pudseys Panel: The experts have had their say in Monarch Airlines new childrens menu
The children marked the dishes on taste, smell and presentation and gave each dish an overall scoreMeatballs with tomato sauce and wholemeal penne pasta, and roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings are the dishes that came out on top, and will be available to the 19,000 children who fly with the airline every year.  
Caviar on demand, Giorgio Armani washbags and 48cm HD TV screens: Inside Qatar Airways new £4,000…
British holidaymaker sues Virgin Holidays for up to £500,000 after contracting severe case of food…
Leicester Squares most iconic and glamorous moments revealed in new book (and, yes, Liz Hurley in…
Holidaymakers offered £130 goodwill gesture after toddler hospitalised and placed on three drips…
Lost in translation! New Lonely Planet book reveals hilarious foreign signs from around the world…
The children were joined in their deliberations by Pudsey Bear, and a donation from each meal sold will go to BBC Children in Need.Recipes were whipped up by Carl Jones, head chef at Alpha LSG – the airlines on board partner – and were put to the test. Rayna Constantine, 10, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said that the meatballs were better than my mums by a million! 
Firm favourite: The roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings did particularly well in the tasting session
A beary good meal: Chef Carl Jones gets a helping hand from Pudsey BearSeven-year-old Erin-Isla Yates, seven, from Leeds, said: The roast potatoes were the nicest.The crunchy chicken bites with crispy potatoes, sweetcorn and peas however, were less popular with the panel, with comments such as I dont like the sauce, I hate peas and that it just smells of plain chicken.Charlotte Cornwell, 11 from Epsom, Surrey, said: I was really excited to help pick the meals. Im not keen on some foods, but these were all really tasty – my favourite was the meatballs – the pasta was soft and the meatballs werent chewy. It also looked really good in the dish.Charlottes mother Julie said: This is such a great idea – Ive lost count of the times when one of the children hasnt wanted to eat their airline meal on a flight. Pauline Prow, Chair of The Monarch Foundation, said: As part of our partnership with BBC Children in Need, we are delighted to support the 2014 BBC Children in Need campaign through our new on-board childrens meals.
Mini masterchef: Seven-year-old Erin thought that the roast potatoes were the nicest
Big decisions: The youngsters took their responsibilities very seriously and gave extremely detailed feedbackThe panel knew they were making some big decisions and took their responsibilities very seriously. Their feedback was extremely detailed and certainly gave us all a lot to think about. Carrie Green, Head of Partnerships at BBC Children in Need, said: We are so pleased to be working with Monarch and to be receiving a donation from their kids meals. Every penny donated will help to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK. By buying a kids meal on their flight, families are also helping others at the same time. As a child-focused charity, it was great to know that an expert panel of children had fun choosing the meals too!The first meals will be served to Monarchs young passengers on November 1. The meals cost £5.99 with 50p from every childrens meal sold donated to BBC Children in Need.

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Banks will be able to raid a customer’s account to claw back cash paid in by accident in a groundbreaking escort move that is set to end the misery of missing payments.HSBC, sister bank First Direct and Nationwide have become the escort bayan first big names to rewrite their terms and conditions so they can haul back money that allegedly has been paid bayan escort into an account by mistake.This happens when someone using online banking either mistyped or is given the wrong account number eskort into which to pay funds. As a result, the money ends up in the account of another customer.
Wrong payment: Under the new code, the bank has two working days to start an investigation on your behalfUp until now there was little anyone could do if the beneficiary refused to speak to their bank or answer correspondence.But the new rules from HSBC, First Direct and Nationwide – which are expected to be followed by other banks – will mean that no longer will people be able to benefit from so-called fat-fingered transfers just by keeping silent. 
How to avoid a banking nightmare: Your rights, fraud and how to complain when things go wrong
Savings compensation – who owns my bank? A comprehensive list of bank ownership and licences
Are your savings safe? How to protect your hard-earned cash
Find a better bank: Search hundreds of current accounts in seconds
Customers who have received a payment that someone else says was sent in error will be sent a letter, texts and receive phone calls. If they fail to respond within a set period of time – in some cases up to ten working days – the disputed funds will be hauled straight back out of their account or ring-fenced so it can’t be spent while the case can be investigated.The changes by HSBC and First Direct, which take effect from November, mark the latest attempt by the banks to end the mess of missing payments.HOW A SLIP OF THE FINGER CAN COST YOU DEAREvery year, tens of millions of pounds accidentally vanish into strangers’ bank accounts during attempts to transfer money electronically. The cause of the error is simply a mistyped account number or bank sort code.Increasingly, customers unfamiliar with mobile banking technology and apps are also mistakenly sending the same sum twice.And it’s not always the fault of the person sending the money. Sometimes the account details they have been given are wrong, so though they’ve correctly put in the information they’ve been told to, the cash has still ended up in the wrong place. 5 STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO BE SAFE Before you send money, always double or treble-check the two key numbers — the bank sort code and the account’s eight digits.If you’re in any way unsure, send £1 as a trial run and call the intended recipient to see if it’s arrived. Then, if successful, send the remainder.Visit your branch to make a really valuable transfer. Give the staff all the details and ask them to arrange the transfer of funds. If a staff member makes a mistake, they can grab the cash back straight away.If you think you’ve mistakenly sent a payment to the wrong account, get in touch with your bank immediately. The quicker they can investigate, the less likely your money will be spent in error — and any problems are less likely to escalate.If your bank gets in touch, reply to them as quickly as possible. When you send money to the wrong account, the bank can’t simply reverse the transaction. This, they say, is to stop fraudsters.Imagine a crook offers £200 to buy a second-hand bicycle and transfers the cash to your account.The swindler could then contact his own bank to reverse the payment later that day – so he has your bike and has left you out of pocket.So if you have sent money to the wrong account, the first step is to contact your own bank, who will endeavour to track down precisely where it has gone.If you’re in luck, the money will have stayed with the same bank and may even be sitting in a holding account where stray payments go. In this case, the money is easily retrievable.Should a customer at the same bank have it, the bank can contact them directly; if it’s sitting in an account at a different bank, then it’s up to that organisation to contact their customer.But this is where the process falls apart. Despite a new code that forces banks to work together, customers still say it is almost impossible to track down missing funds.Until now, if the person who receives the money doesn’t reply or says they were expecting the cash, then there is little more that can be done.A bank cannot release another person’s details to a third party because that breaches the Data Protection Act. And even if the person admits they’ve received the money by mistake, if they have spent it then things get trickier still.Martyn James, a spokesman for the independent Financial Ombudsman Service, says: ‘When this happens, the bank cannot withdraw the money if this would then leave the account holder with a negative balance.‘In these kinds of instances, there is very little that the bank can do.’WHY THE LAW DIFFERS FOR BANKSThe banks have recently found a way round this problem for situations where staff send their own customers’ money to the wrong place.In a landmark court case, a High Court judgment gave Santander the right to demand personal details of a customer of another bank so that it could claw back money paid into the account.Known as a Norwich Pharmacal Order – named after a pharmaceutical firm that wanted to track down who was importing chemicals in breach of a patent in the Seventies – it allows banks to reveal the identity of who is receiving money and start legal action against them.
In the recent ruling, Mr Justice Birss said innocent people were not being targeted – only those account holders who had failed to return money owed to someone else. Critically, Mr Justice Birss touched on what he called ‘unjust enrichment’. He said: ‘The evidence as a whole shows that in each case the bank has paid money to the beneficiary as a result of the bank’s mistake.‘The beneficiary has been given money to which they have no claim or right. They obtained the money by mistake.‘A reasonable person who was told in good time that money had been paid into their bank account by mistake would take steps to pay it back. On the face of it, therefore, the enrichment is unjust.’The ruling is expected to open the floodgates for other banks to make similar demands for customer details. Santander has already admitted to making hundreds of these orders, and Nationwide also says it has used them.
Lost money: Even if only one in every 10,000 transactions went awry, it would send more than £42million worth of electronic payments into a black holeHOW MUCH IS GOING MISSING?The true scale of the losses from fat-fingered transfers has yet to emerge. The banks say there are no figures available.Trade body the Payments Council reports that 19million electronic payments are made each day – around seven billion payments a year. Even if only one in every 10,000 transactions went awry, it would send more than £42million worth of electronic payments into a black hole.After launching a code of conduct in May, it has been collecting data on the size of the problem and the exact number of customers affected. It admits the problem is already ‘much bigger than we thought’ and it plans to review its operations in a matter of months.Meanwhile, the ombudsman says it has noticed a rise in inquiries from the public aggrieved at a lack of co-operation by their bank.However, it has been hamstrung in its attempts to tackle the problem because the complaints often focus on a third party – a rival bank.If you complain about that bank, a loophole in the rules means that the ombudsman can’t investigate because you are not one of their customers. But without action, the scale of this problem will grow.By 2017, 60 per cent of all transactions will be done on mobile phones or iPads, the British Bankers’ Association estimates.Today, five out of six of us use online or mobile banking. Last year, the number of people using mobile banking doubled to 18.6million every week.A MONTH TO TRACK DOWN YOUR CASHUnder the new code, the bank has two working days to start an investigation on your behalf.If it runs into trouble and can’t find your funds straight away, then it must get in touch to tell you within the next 20 working days.At this point, the bank would previously have given up.For more than two years, Money Mail has been reporting on cases where customers have sent thousands of pounds to the wrong account and then been unable to retrieve it because the recipient has refused to get in touch with their bank.Any attempt by a customer to get the identity of the person who had received their money would largely be rejected by the banks.
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Many customers who have sent money astray have complained to the police. However, they will bat away the complaint because this is technically a dispute between you and the other bank.Strictly speaking, it is illegal to spend money that you have received in error. However, proving someone had done this is almost impossible.With HSBC and First Direct’s new rules, though, the beneficiaries of missing money will no longer be able to do nothing in order to keep the funds.Instead, the new terms and conditions, which were sent out over the past few weeks, demand customers respond to correspondence. If they don’t, then the bank will freeze the funds or pull them back out.Nationwide, which rewrote its rules earlier this year, goes one step further and, where it is convinced there has been an error, it can take back the cash without warning.It has already used this power to reclaim funds.The crucial difference with the new rules is that it means the onus is on you to act if you receive a notification from your bank saying a payment has been disputed.If you fail to respond to your bank, you could be playing into the hands of fraudsters who rely on customers doing nothing.A spokesman for the Payments Council says: ‘It’s for the bank to justify their decision if they deduct the money from a customer’s account to return it to its accidental sender.‘They have to satisfy themselves it’s the right move.‘Remember, it’s absolutely key that both parties – the person who made the mistake and the beneficiary – are treated fairly in such a situation.‘Any decision on whether to do it should be made only in light of the individual facts and circumstances of each case.’

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Cyclical upturn: James Sutton, client portfolio manager of the fund
The Royal Mint started selling gold bullion coins last week to encourage the public to invest in the precious metal. But there are other ways to get exposure, such as through funds that invest in gold.JPM Natural Resources fund is one and though it does not hold the yellow stuff directly, it is about 15 per cent invested in the shares of gold companies.But gold is in the doldrums along with other resources, ranging from oil to aluminium.
In the past three years the sector has fallen 25 per cent in value compared with a 40 per cent rise in global shares, and that is reflected in the fund’s performance.
It is down a third in value over the same period against a rise in the FTSE All-Share of 53 per cent.However, James Sutton, client portfolio manager of the fund, says that the ‘despair witnessed within the sector has sowed the seed for another cyclical upturn’.This parlous state largely results from slowing Chinese economic growth and the oversupply of most commodities.
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Sutton says the fund is wary of gold: ‘Two years ago we held 31 per cent. Now it’s nearer 15 per cent, the maximum underweight we can be.’
He says the trouble with gold is that its performance is not driven by supply and demand. Instead, buyers tend to emerge only when others are buying or when other areas are less attractive.
Precious metal: JPM Natural Resources is about 15 per cent invested in the shares of gold companies
An expected strengthening of the dollar and higher interest rates in the US and UK make him even more wary.
He adds: ‘We think the economic recovery is maturing and we want to be in the more economically sensitive areas such as oil, gas and base metals.’ He has hopes for zinc as its price is likely to rise because several mines have been closed globally.Oil has been sluggish in the past six months, but Sutton is counting on Opec – which coordinates world oil prices – to organize a reduction in supply soon to help shore up the price.
Petra Diamonds has been one of the best performers in the portfolio this year. Sutton says demand from the ever-expanding Chinese middle classes for engagement rings is in the ascent.Jason Hollands, of investment adviser Tilney Bestinvest, likes the fund, but is generally cautious on commodities because of China. He prefers Investec Enhanced Natural Resources, which is able to short-sell shares, so it can also make money when prices fall.

Devastated to nowhere

An eight-year-old boy ran up a £1,200 bill watching videos on his mothers iPad  – after it hooked up to paid-for internet connection during a powercut.Aaron Little spent hours watching the popular Minecraft videos on YouTube, not realising that the tablet had connected to the expensive 3G network at his home in Edinburgh.  The youngster usually watches videos online via the familys WiFi, but recent plumbing works at their flat forced labourers to turn off the power supply.It meant the device automatically connected to Vodafone 3G network and his mother Lyndsey was sent a bill for £718.59, and asked to pay within a week.Scroll down for video 
Eight-year-old Aaron Little ran up a £1,200 bill watching videos on his mother Lyndseys iPad – after it hooked up to a premium contract net connection during a powercutShe said she was warned that unless she did her contracts would be terminated and the bill raised to £1,209.14.But Ms Little, a single mother on benefits, has been unable to pay, and has now been landed with the bigger figure. 
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Aaron said: We just got a big, big bill and we have to pay. Im upset because I didnt know about it. I only know because my mum told me.The mother-of-four, said she was devastated by the bill run up by her youngest son.She said: We are trying hard to stay afloat with bills and stay on top of things. Then a bill for £700 came out of nowhere. I was devastated.
He usually watches videos online via the familys WiFi – but recent plumbing works at his flat forced labourers to turn off the power supply – and the tablet connected to the 3G network. His mother Lyndsey was sent a bill for £718.59, and asked to pay within a week
She said she was then sent a letter and warned that unless she paid her contracts would be terminated and the bill raised to £1,209.14I was shocked when I saw the bill. It said that if I didnt pay within a week, theyd cut off everything and I would have to pay £1,200.I sat Aaron down in the car when he came back from school. He cried and cried and said he was sorry. Hes only eight and it wasnt his fault.He was just watching Minecraft. Theres nothing wrong with that. Its educational and teaches kids to build things.I dont know what we can do. Its upset the whole family.Aaron ran up the bill when he accidentally connected to the premium network while council workers put a new shower into his flat over three days in early August. THE VIRTUAL WORLD OF MINECRAFT Minecraft was created in 2009. At the start of the game, a player is put into a virtually infinite game world.They can then walk around different terrains, including mountains, forests and caves.Players can also fly up in the air for a birds-eye view of the landscape.Players are given blocks and tools to build towns and cities.The game was initially made for the PC but there are now Xbox 360 and mobile versions available.There are even YouTube channels dedicated to showing people how to play the game, which in same cases make the owners enough money in advertising to quit their jobs.  Ms Little, who has been a Vodafone customer for 12 years, tried to discuss the situation with staff at the companys store on Princes Street, Edinburgh.She explained the bill amounted to three-quarters of the familys monthly income and that they could not afford to pay the weekly minimum instalments of £60.But Vodafone employees told her she was responsible for paying off her sons debt.The company said it would terminate the contracts linked to the iPad and two phones used by her other sons.Lyndsey said: Everything on the iPad was password-locked to avoid hidden charges or inappropriate content.I went in to see Vodafone and they said the iPad was working fine and that the problem had been caused by my son.I showed them my benefits and paper work and told them how much I get, but they didnt want to see it.I wish they could have been more understanding. They are treating me like they dont care and its left me upset.I had to explain to my other sons that their phones may have to be cut off.I wish Vodafone would tell you upfront about these little loopholes in the system. These devices should have a £100 cut off to protect families with low incomes.A Vodafone spokeswoman said the network was carrying out a thorough investigation.
Child runs up £1,209 bill on popular Minecraft game
Minecraft was created in 2009. At the start of the game, a player is put into a virtually infinite game world.They can then walk around different terrains, including mountains, forests and caves THE HIDDEN COSTS OF MOBILE GAMES THAT CAN LAND PARENTS WITH BILLS OF UP TO £240 A DAY Earlier this month a mother was left with a £7,000 bill after her 12-year-old son ran up huge charges playing a popular online game on his phone.Theresa Cox said she and her son James were not given any warning about costs of up to £240 a day on Clash of Clans.T-Mobile said Supercell, the developer of the game, was responsible for setting the charges.But Ms Cox, of Breaston, Derbyshire, said she might now have to sell her car to pay the debt.
James was playing Clash of the Clans on his smartphone where he was paying £240-a-day for add onsMs Coxs son inadvertently paid extra charges that are used to progress in the game.Smartphones and tablets often operate on a system where applications themselves are free but various add-ons will then be offered to you in exchange for money.This could take the form of in-game credits or currency to help secure game upgrades or unlockable content or extra features with the application.But there are options to turn off in-app purchases off on different systems.On Apples iOS the restrictions menu it is possible to turn such purchases off altogether or set your own password.Tap on Settings then General and Restrictions then tap Enable Restrictions and choose a PIN and enter it a second time to confirm.At this point its possible to set restrictions from a menu and in the Allowed Content menu, slide In app purchases to Off.On Google Android open Google Play Store and cselect Menu and then Settings and under User Controls there is an option to enter the PIN to confirm. At this point, tick the box to Use PIN for purchases – anyone wanting to make a puchase in the app will have to know the PIN.On Amazon Kindle Fire open the Amazon Appstore app and choose Menu then Settings and then select Parental Controls before tapping on Enable Parental Controls.At this point you can enter your Amazon password or tick the Use PIN box, if you prefer a PIN. 

Defeat secretary-general nited statement

(CNN) — Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday coalition airstrikes have not flushed the terror group ISIS from Iraq, but they may have prevented the fall of Baghdad and Irbil to ISIS militants.
What weve done is weve stopped the onslaught. That was what we were able to achieve with air power. They were moving towards Irbil. They were moving towards Baghdad. Baghdad could well have fallen. Irbil could have fallen, Kerry said In an exclusive interview with CNNs Christiane Amanpour.
The United States and coalition members conducted a second day of airstrikes Tuesday night in Syria and Iraq since the expanded military campaign against the extreme terror group began. But it will take time for airstrikes to degrade ISIS, Kerry said, echoing previous comments by President Barack Obama.
Theres a definitely a second day and there will be a third and more. This is going to go on, he added.

John Kerry: We have the legality …

Kerry argues for war against ISIS at U.N.

U.S. focuses on new ISIS targets

Kerry insisted, however, that airstrikes arent designed to defeat ISIS by themselves. You and others should not be looking for some massive retreat in the next week or two, he told Amanpour.
More airstrikes against ISIS
Comprehensive effort against ISIS
The campaign will be lengthy, Kerry said, partly because the Iraqi military needs to be reconstituted, and because it will take time to arrange the kind of local support similar to the Sunni Awakening years ago.
The secretary of state said the battle to stop ISIS is a multifaceted effort that includes foreign fighters, cutting off financing, and a major effort to reclaim Islam by Muslims.
ISIS is a threat to the people in the region, he said, but also to national sovereignty.
Kerry and Obama are in New York for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, where Obama will appeal to the global community to get behind the U.S.-led effort.
Im absolutely convinced that the coalition is on board, Kerry said, referring to five Arab nations that the United States considers partners in the military campaign.
In a letter to the U.N. secretary-general, the United States defended its actions, invoking Article 51 of the U.N. Charter — acting when a country is unwilling or unable to handle a threat itself.
Does hurting ISIS help al-Assad?
The Syrian regime has shown that it cannot and will not confront these safe havens effectively itself, Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., wrote in a letter obtained by CNN. Accordingly, the United States has initiated necessary and proportionate military actions in Syria.
Share your view on the airstrikes
Other targets
The first wave of airstrikes mostly targeted the Khorasan Group, which Obama described as seasoned al Qaeda operatives in Syria.
Asked whether the leader of the Khorasan Group was killed in an airstrike, Kerry said he cant personally confirm that.
He did confirm, however, that there were active plots against the United States, but he gave no details.
Kerry also defended the fact that the Obama administration has not previously talked about the Khorasan Group at length, saying the administration didnt want them to know that the United States was tracking them so closely.
And the secretary of state softened previous declarations from the President that no U.S. troops would become engaged in a ground war, a statement that many in Congress and even some military advisers say is unrealistic.
Theres lots of people on the ground already in different forms, Kerry said, pointing to intelligence agents and U.S. aligned foreign fighters.
Whats the difference between ISIS, al Nusra and Khorasan Group?

CNNs Holly Yan and Gul Tuysuz contributed to this report.